I see the world racing by in a blur, Distracted by screens and caught up in the world.
But I know life is much more than what's online;
It's the moments with loved ones that make it divine.
It's not about likes or status or fame, But about moments of joy without a name.
It's about moments that can't be bought or sold But are precious because they can't be controlled.
It's about living in the present, not the past,
Not dwelling on what didn't last.
It's about finding joy in the simplest things,
Not the shiny objects that dazzle and bling.
It's about living a life that's full of grace, Where kindness and compassion take first place.
Where love and respect are what we pursue,
And not the trappings the world says we should do.
It's about living life with gratitude and grace,
Not chasing after things at a frantic pace.
Life isn't about the things we can achieve,
But the moments in which we truly believe.
© InspiringIkram