Rejection, a bitter pill to swallow,
A wound that pierces deep and hollow.
A feeling of being cast aside,
Of being left alone to hide.

But in the darkness of despair,
A flicker of hope may still be there.
For rejection can be a guiding light,
That leads us to what's truly right.

Like a sculptor chiseling away,
Rejection hones us day by day.
It carves our character, shapes our soul,
And helps us reach our ultimate goal.

It teaches us to persevere,
To face our fears and never fear.
To strive for greatness, come what may,
And never give up on the way.

So if rejection comes your way,
Embrace it with an open heart today.
For though it may bring pain and strife,
It can also lead to a better life.

© Shashwat Jha