"Journey to self-acceptance".
In the mirror's gaze, I see my face, Acknowledge my features, each unique trace. Though I may feel unattractive, I embrace, My flaws and quirks, my own special grace.

In days gone by, I'd lament and sigh, Wondering why others caught every eye. Yet now I see, with a clearer view, My worth's not defined by what others pursue.

Reflecting on memories, I've come to know, My value lies deeper than outward show. Created in God's image, I stand tall, Not meant to impress, but to answer His call.

A pretty face may bring joy and delight, But wielded poorly, it burdens the night. My purpose transcends what eyes can see, To leave a legacy of authenticity.

So as a traveler passing through this land, I'll cherish my uniqueness, take my stand. For true beauty shines from deep within, A journey of self-acceptance, I begin.

© Etah. ks