Just like a wind up toy
Whirling, I'm circling,
It's got me dizzy,
Burning I'm burning
I'm out ,
it's silly
You wind me up, then watch me go,
Then when I burn out
you leave me on your dirty floor

I'm Like a wind up toy,
And your like a little boy
I'm broken from the constant use,
You don't care, youre rough and crude
I've been left behind and picked up again too many times
And you were never raised to treat toys right

Like a wind up toy
I'm spinning again

Little boys in the suits of men
Playing door sales , with their broken promises
gentle voices that leads to rougher hands

Whirling, I'm circling
God I'm so dizzy
I think I'm sick,
I should get out
then it hits me
It's like this Everytime,
when I'm at my final line,
I circle back once again
what's a toy without a boy

Isn't it funny
Watching me go,
I think it's funny that you seem to know
It's like a f*cken game
My prize is the growing shame,
And yours is being entertained

You wind me up,
laugh as I go,
Oh what a show
and when I burn out you leave me on the floor,
It's always a mess when the party is over,
Like a wind up toy,
Im certain so certain,
Only good for entertainment
I'm here to be played with,
Like a wind up toy,
Wind me up and watch me burn out again

© Jada E. Clark