Dangerous Game

I walk alone in darkness
Haunted by love's cruel game
A prisoner of desire
Consumed by fiery flames
You've caught me in this trap
And love is dangerous they say
Do I really dare
To give my heart away?

Lonely nights are endless
The echoes in my mind
Heartbroken and shattered
Waiting for love I can't find
Caught me unaware
Like a thief in the night
Love's twisted embrace
A venomous delight.

In the shadows of my soul
You reign supreme
A tragic dance of passion
A wicked fever dream
Desire like a dagger
Stabbing through my chest
Leaving me breathless
Lost in this unrest.

Do I really dare
To trust in this dangerous game
Or am I doomed to wonder
If you really feel the same
You've caught me in your web
A prisoner to your spell
Beneath this mask of love
My heart is left in hell.

So I wander through the darkness
My soul an endless maze
Searching for the answers
Lost in love's fateful craze
I am scared I am afraid
Will I end up being betrayed
In love's dangerous game
That you have often played.

©2024 Mystic Dreamer
© MysticDreamer