The Poem That Broke the World.
In the stillness of a moment, words collided,
A poem emerged, fierce and unyielding.
Its verses heavy with truth and sorrow
It spoke of shattered dreams and broken promises.

All the stanzas are so full of grief and reality.
It talked of promises broken and ambitions dashed.
Every word etched with suffering and yearning, The sounds of a world torn apart.

Each and every phrase is a blade piercing the soul. Releasing raw, unfiltered emotional storms,
And the earth quaked as its raging wild fanned out.
Mountains and seas did not yield,
The sky then darkened, seemingly out of grief,
for the poem that broke the world.

Hearts left strewn throughout the debris,
Broken and bleeding, but complete in some way. For a peculiar beauty existed in its devastation.

A catharsis, a reckoning, a new beginning
So the world rebuilt itself, piece by piece,
word by word,
carrying within it, the echoes of that
fateful poem that broke the world.

A reminder of the power of language,
of truth, and of art.

© Simrans
image credit@poetcommunitygarden