The dream
I saw a girl
so skinny and dull
She was wearing the worst
among the crowds
Torn patches all over
sewen with different threads

Suddenly I saw
a little foot behind
Maybe he's four
wearing the same cloth
There were scars
all over their skin

My heart throbbed
in deep distress
I went to a shop near
and moved towards them
They were nervous
and rejoiced inside at the same

I bought them some
and feed them in pain
Her eyes like hazel
and it was fiery enough
With that, she fights
All the storms and rains

Suddenly I woke up
it's past five in the evening
My little heart was sleeping
what if the dream comes true
I sighed
I woke him up
and he cried

I hugged him
and kissed his forehead
"Come let's go" I said
"Someone is waiting for us"
He knew it was just a word
a little hope till the night