It's Just about you...

Meeting you after a long time today,
I felt my old memories rushed
towards my heart in minute millions

Still you're same as that day
I met you in hopes to meet you again
you were just you, always
Just no things of you have changed...

Wandering around the corners
of those streets of midnight,
you came at my daylight
popping your head around the doors

Your silly words of glances
gave me chills of blush,
eyes contacts are literally
the best means of inner-actions...

Hormonal balance lost
Feedback mechanism aborted...

Those slam books had your words
are still preserved in my heart
it's just about you....
it's you...

Still you're really the same
old person
nothing changed...

"sometimes we say it's a change
when peoples around us change..."

but it doesn't matter on
me, when you're still that same...

No memories of lockdowns
No feelings of stuffs
it's just you...


© Nova_lights✨
© Ninin✨