Sitting For A Lifetime Silent Beauty

That one day while sitting in my garden, I found myself to be a hopeless fellow, A man who lost the ones he loved

Then suddenly a strang coincidence happened, our eyes met for the first time Even if it was for a meare second,

I felt that I knew you from the day I was born, You were like a angel, A right full holder of the heavens,

And I was the fallen one who fell from the Heavens to the depths of hell

And yet survived it all just waiting for That coincidence to happen again

For me to see those eye once more Eyes filled with pure heart and kindness,

And yet again this hopeless fool was driven, To live for something For you the the unknown love

It way be unknown But I gave you the remaining of wants left Of my heart I hopes to Just......see that silent beauty..
#Love&love #fantasy #romance #imagination #Silence #beauty #patience
© shivraj