Wonderland is calling me.
This time it isn't good.
There's no roads left untraveled, there
except through the Forgotten Woods.
I know I'm not ready
to venture through those trees.
The things that I've forgotten
might bring me to my knees.
I see the Red Queen laughing.
If insane were just a sound
it wouldn't be as crazy
as the bitch who wears that crown.
And I know how she got that way.
I watched it from a distance.
She walked into the Forgotten Woods
and came out so very different.
I heard her scream inside those trees.
I watched Wonderland bleed red
when the memories she'd forgotten
were forced back into her head.
I saw the shattered in her gaze
when she came out on the other side.
It might not have killed her body
but I know her soul did not survive.
The caterpillar asked me once
If I know who I am,
But it might kill me to remember,
All I forgot in Fucking Wonderland.
© kristy ellison flake