Drugs Violence & Crime!!
There's another world outside our home, one most don't really want to own
It's filled with uncertainty, where only disappointment and sorrow roams.
Its one of drugs, violence, and crimes,
What sort of legacy is that to leave behind,
A trail of sorrow, broken dreams, and lives in turmoil intertwined,
A future marred by shadows cast, where hope is hard to find,
And hearts are hardened by the past, with scars that never bind.

Is this the mark we wish to make, a legacy of pain,
Where children grow in fear and hate, beneath a ceaseless rain?
Can we not strive for something more, a brighter, kinder gain,
Where love and peace replace the strife, and joy can break the chain?

For every act of violence sown, another heart is torn,
And every crime that’s left unchecked leaves countless souls to mourn.
Yet within us lies the power to change the world, reborn,
To leave a legacy of light, where new dreams can be worn.

So let us turn from paths of harm, and seek a higher ground,
Where justice, love, and kindness form the echoes of our sound.
A legacy of hope and peace, where healing can be found,
And in the hearts of those we leave, a better world is crowned!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo