Devilish angels
We met in they pits of hell, both devils with stories to tell. Just two devilish angels in love, a fiery passion and through the flames we found our connection. We’ll seal this fate with a kiss, Forever upon this
Hold hands through the fire
We’ll burn in hell with this
Through this ring we’ve given out to desires
Burn forever in hell forever with me. You can't hide the way you look at me, I get closer but too much is never enough, we can hold hands through the flames and laugh it all off with our burning remains, in our heads it’s just a game
We’re a little too late but we’re wide awake
We’re in love and that’s all that matters, You're the only thing that's on my mind
The way you make me feel, The way you touch me feels so right And you're the one I want for life We’re in love and that’s all that matters
Laughing the pain off
We’ll always be those ass holes, those devilish angels

There's no such things as hard times, We've got to find a way To come alive in the night time There's no such things as lonely times. We're not ghosts from the past, We're just a slave to this game Cause we've been locked out of heaven, Just for a while, Swing, swing those devilish angels
Down to hell
Where they belong
Like a book you read along
Flipping through the same days, ripping out different pages
Our hearts too hard to break
Like a diamond
Behold the flames
Never to be burnt
Our hearts gear golden to their rusted gates
We don’t even care that hell awaits, just take my hand and we'll dance through the flames, together in madness, We don’t even care that hell awaits
Cursed to suffer behind the gates, But we’ll be laughing it all off as in our heads it’s just a game. What can I say, We're just two devilish angels in love. We've been locked out of heaven, Just a little too long, our love may be hellish, but it's true, two devils in love, forever fused. Your body rhymes in hymns for me
A sense of relief
The beast in us both savagely defeated to crack open a empty shell of pure love
Of pure love
No helll could come between us
Dance for me for I am your king
And I’ll bow down to you as my only god, my queen
This love is a spellbound destiny
Those devilish angels