Dear Laughter
Dear Laughter,
Your passion which burns like a blazing inferno, too well, I know.
Your ideas that flows down your brains through the mouth like river peaked on a mount, I'm aware.
The desperation that makes you cry with eyes dried, I understand.
But my son, be patience, since ancient, your ordeal has never been absent.
The heroes you admire, and wants to emulate, gone through same fire.
Keep your cool, and don't let your passion lead you to a pool of your own blood.
It's okay to start late, it's okay to have no mate...
The world will come to an end, but not too soon.
Enjoy your youth, whilst working on your root.
You will be fine, Laughter.
You have done a lot already, yes, don't settle for mediocre, but never give in to acrimony on things yet to be done.
Laughter, yes, you will be fine.
Taking a break doesn't make you a failure,
Honestly, no one really cares.