I know
i think there's a Chance
That can change the world,
An idea that emerged while my mind
I have to live up to my name.
So I'm making a chance
To change the game.
I'm seizing the opportunity
Before this moment stops,
I'll open the door before
This chance is mine.
It's got to be,
If you disagree,
Then take it before me.
You'll have to learn a few things,
And not be afraid to seem strange.
To start, you must,
Do better things with your time.
Take control of your mind,
no longer procrastinate.
If this is your fate,
You must
See inspiration in all creation,
Remain Inspired by life.
Especially continue to inspire yourself.
Pay attention to your health.
allow your creativity to show.
That's the only way it can grow,
Let the seed blossom into a flower.
understand though
no matter how much you know,
To Continue learning.
Knowledge isn't just power,
It's the key.
That's got to be something you Believe.
This is the chance to improve.
And that's exactly what you'll have to do.
create art, remember to understand the balance of
Good and evil,
give and take,
never forget how important
it is to write.
Use this chance to make a difference, and do what's right,
stand strong and do not break.
There's to much at stake.
get passed
what the universe puts along your path.
Know the power of your voice,
And the gift of freedom
in Making your own choice.
Be able to find truth
and then do it again. And again.
Harvest the power of thought ,
Don't let any of this be forgot.
Question things and remain curious.
Enjoy fantasy, but don't become delirious,
Believe in something bigger than yourself.
Being humble Is good for your health.
Try not to obsesse over wealth,
for all that you have,
one day it may be lost,
You still can't waiver your morals
at any cost.
materialistic things don't last.
know who you are can,
And will.
Even if what you have,
turns to ash.
strive to be happy, rather than angry, or sad.
understand Though,
Sometimes it's ok to cry, or get mad.
It's not okay to do things to others that
You know are bad.
At all times stay true to yourself,
even if that means admiting you weren't
being honest,
as soon as you notice
so you can move on.
Whenever you can
Anyone who needs it, unless they aren't willing to help them selves.
Don't be selfish
Also don't think of your self as less.
If you think this is a destiny you can steal,
Do it if you think you can.
Do it quickly. if you must know why.
Well you may think I can't get it, but I'm sure In the fuck going to try.
I Want to help the world as a whole,
a rather big goal.
So i need
A balanced
mind body and soul.
And to understand
However no matter how clever,
or powerful
I think I get i must not forget.
if I succumb to self-doubt.
I'll never learn what life's all about.
I must have faith
in myself,
in the gods
that have helped me so much.
only speaking the truth,
so people can trust
the things I say.
trying to do better
than the previous day.
trying harder every day,
Do to others, only
what I would want them
to do to me,
regardless of whether or not
they're nice or mean.
I need to
continuously and always learn.
Take what I've learned and improve the things I do.
Find what I can do
to make this Chance
the best it can.
I released hate, to embrace love.
So others see, how love is more than enough.
I work on myself
in order to help this world better its health.
One way I'll change the world is by getting people to love and accept.
So there will be less hurt,
In turn less pain to reflect.
Let me be direct.
No one should live in fear,
Is that not clear?
Please just
Listen love and learn from yourself.
Not one of those being done can make a change by itself.
You must Do the same with others.
Learn to Accept.
were all sisters and brothers.
In this giant human family tree.
I hope you've been listening,
This may sound crazy, or brilliant, but
Its the start of a movement. so the way we think and act can show improvement.
the best part,
is lashing out and freeing yourself
threw the expression of art.
Eventually you'll all see acceptance love and understanding, will
Be what
set us free.
You may or may not believe me,
But it's true.
And you may not have faith in me, but I have faith in you.
Like I said at the start, I've got to live up to my name.
If i Change mine and one mind
That's fine
im hear to heal and be healed
At least that's how i feel.
And I don't just think
this chance can change the world.
I know that I will.

© All Rights Reserved