Shuffle dance
Browsing through the videos,
I came across a dance show,
rhythm overflowing with energy,
techniques that display mastery.
I don't know the reasons,
that pulled me closer,
stealing all my attention,
towards those fluid motions.

Shuffle dance,
It captivated my eyes,
accompanied by peppy beats,
each movement is mesmerizing.
And I watched again and again,
wishing I could move like them,
knowing well, I am too clumsy,
to mimic their artistic motions.

Even after watching many reels,
I wondered, what made it click ?
The energy of the performance,
Or the charm of their skill...
But realized, there's more to it,
the sheer joy and lively setting,
swaying emotions with the steps,
bringing smiles to anyone watching.

Started as simple shuffle and stomp,
turning into high energy routine,
regardless of our age group,
it would help in our well-being.
By acting as a cardio workout,
also training different muscles,
enhancing balance, mental sharpness,
boosting mood by releasing dopamine.

So, let me save these reels,
watch some tutorials, for the feel,
to get energy from their dynamism,
in my moments of lazy browsing.

© Dr. Manish Rout