I have a crush on you— a secret, silent, smoldering flame, hidden beneath the surface, quietly whispering your name.

You walk into the room, and my heart skips a beat, but I stay in the shadows, my feelings cloaked in discreet.

Because you see, nothing between us could ever be. Our worlds are too far apart, separated by an unbridgeable sea.

So, I stay quiet. I bite my tongue, swallow the words, the confessions, the desires, letting them dissolve in the back of my throat.

I watch you laugh, your joy echoing in my ears, a melody I can never sing along to, a harmony I can only hear.

You are the sun, radiant and warm, but I'm just a satellite, orbiting in your gravity, never to form a constellation with you.

I imagine scenarios in my mind, where I gather the courage, where I spill my heart out, but reality snaps back, harsh and unkind.

Because dreams are fragile, and hopes can break, and I know deep down, this is a risk I can't take.

So, I admire from a distance, loving you in silence, a crush that stays unspoken, a heart kept in compliance.

For in the realm of reality, there's no place for us to be. I'll treasure these feelings, though they're fleeting, holding on to this quiet, unfulfilled meeting.

I have a crush on you— a story that remains untold, a love that lingers in the air, silent, but bold.
© Karischyoma