My dear friend, it's time to rise,
To leave behind your cozy guise,
For though you feel so safe and sound,
The world outside is waiting to astound.

The mirror may reflect your face,
But can it show you your truest grace?
The pillow may give you sweet repose,
But can it offer the thrill of new growth?

The music may soothe your soul,
But can it make you feel whole?
The bed may offer you a rest,
But can it bring forth your very best?

The dreams may show you what could be,
But can they make you truly free?
The reality may seem so bleak,
But can it stop you from reaching your peak?

And when the rain falls from the sky,
Can you let it wash away your sigh?
For though it may seem like a dreary day,
It can also bring forth a fresh new way.

So my dear friend, it's time to go,
To break free from your comfort zone and grow,
For though it may seem scary at first,
The rewards will make your heart burst.

Embrace the unknown with open arms,
For that is where true magic lies,
And remember, my dear friend,
The greatest adventures often come as a surprise.
© ItsArnold