"Sap or Pollen?" your slender fingers presented,
My eyebrow raised as your arm extended,
"Look closely, they're just like me and you!",
"But mine's broken! In half, in two!",
"Borrow my sap!" you offered so kindly,
Of course I accepted, oh so blindly.

3 months passed, we met on our trail,
3 months gone, I held your nail,
Between tongue and teeth, your finger swam,
"Have you found it yet, my sweet lamb?"
But the digit still swam, deeper than before,
"I can hardly breathe, please end your tour!"
But fingers don't have ears, nor hearts so,
She kept swimming, oh dear, oh no.

A sap-swollen seed, placed by your finger,
Shaped like your face, will still linger,
Forever and frozen just like that night,
Our feet touched together, and I held you tight.

© ManWithoutSelf