Celebrating the strength
In every role, she stands so strong, A wife, a sister, a mother lifelong.

With grace she weaves the threads of life, In joy and sorrow, through peace and strife.

As a wife, she's a pillar, steadfast and true, In love's embrace, her heart finds its due.
With kindness and care, she builds her home, A sanctuary of warmth where love's seeds are sown.

As a sister, she's a beacon in the night, Guiding with wisdom, shining with light. Through laughter and tears, hand in hand, She walks the path, with strength to withstand.

As a mother, she's a fortress, fierce and bold, In her embrace, love's story is told.
With gentle hands and a heart that's pure, She nurtures, she guides, she endures.
On this day, we celebrate her might, Her boundless spirit, her guiding light.

For in her strength, we find our way, Happy Women's Day, in every shade of day!

© Irtiza
#womens day 2k24.