Melting in you
We met on a warm September day
The sky was full of stars and the trees would slowly sway
The dogs barked
And the stars aligned that was the day we disembarked

At first sight, you couldn't believe me
But i spent all night trying to make you see
then the next day,
we talked for hours on end and all i wanted was a replay

the days passed by
and talking to you made me shy
you made me blush like it was your job
and all that did was make my heart throb

then one starry night
much to my delight
was spent on flirting
and it surprised me how it did not feel disconcerting

Later that night
Under the moon light
You said the one thing that I was too shy to vocalize
"I like you" , you said, looking into my eyes

"Do you like me too?"
"I do, but i still have to think it through"
"You're right. Maybe it is too soon
Maybe we wait a few months to see if we're still in tune"

That night I barely slept
Just kept thinking about what i should accept
The next day, i talked to you
And all I wanted to say was 'i do'

but then we decided to wait
and i was so looking forward to our first date
but i guess i had to be patient
and i knew our love was nascent

the next few days
i was in a daze
just wondering how i would get through
and when i could finally touch you

a few days passed,
and we had a blast
we talked all day
and never seemed to want to walk away

then one friday
without any foreplay
you said, "will you be my girlfriend?"
"yes i will. i want this to end"

We had a lot of hurdles
A few times we also went in circles
Times were hard
And we always had to be on our guard

A lot of people didn't want us
But it took a while and now no one makes a fuss
I knew we could do this
And now finally we can kiss

The next few months were a blur
We had a lot of firsts occur
A lot of problems too
But we got through

Now it's been six months
And we're as strong as we were once
We're living together in bliss
And just waiting till the day we can kiss

© Ruuuuu