The Circus (A Comic Ballad)
Alanwar, the owner of a circus, quite infamous;
Hosted Shlam the clown, extremely envious,
He'd wanted to make a circus of his own,
But how would he do it? He was quite torn.

So, in the dead of the night, he stole all the money;
As usual he thought he was quite funny,
He then hurried and left as quick as moles dig thier burrow,
Leaving everybody in the circus in utter shock and sorrow.

Alanwar, would wake up quite astound at the matter;
Upset by the theft, he'll call the circus latter,
Pondering and wondering about the evil thief,
A mysterious man will come to his relief.

In the darkesr of nights, appear a witch will;
With a purple crystall ball, down from the hill,
He'll enter the gloomed tent, with a cruel scent
And say in a tone will with malicious intent,

"Dear, Dear Alanwar, I'm not a bandit, your money has disappeared and I will find it!
Alanwar stood up immediately and he said, "Who are you, introduce yourself!"
The Witch would mutter, "I am the mightiest witch of the land, call me Avan or I'll turn you into sand!"
Alanwar surprised would claim, "Why have you treaded on the land of the circus, at once, you witch, you must state your purpose!"

The Witch would say, "You've been betrayed! I've seen it all and I'm here to portray it!"
Alanwar getting furious would retort, "Stop talking in riddles! And tell me what you want!"
The Witch would say singing, pulling out a mysterious purple crystal ball, it knew everything, it knew of all;
"Look deep into the crystal ball, it tells about your mighty fall. Your money was kept in the hall, but the mightiest of thieves observed it and stalled!"

"Behind this is a filthy traitor, an evil somebody who left you in a crater!"
"You slept sound, you thought your money was safe, but in reality, a thief loomed around and it was in danger!"
"I'm not here for telling your story, my humble narrator...I will dictate you to the thief, I promise my dictator!"
"Now focus your mind upon the crime, someone funny is behind this, you must find!"

"The guy is gone leaving no clues behind, But I know somebody who's help us just fine!"
"Call the Criminal's friends, his agents, perhaps the extraterrestrial, the alien?"
Alanwar's mind rung several bells, he recalled and invited the performers who were on stage with a show to sell.
Advar the Alien, a close friend of Shlam said he'd seen him before the evil route he chose.

He spoke to him of the next day's show, he said he was prepared before committing such a blow.
Arubh, the crowd's favourite joker, claimed that at the time he was playing poker;
He'd not seen Shlam on the day of the crime,
He exclaimed that he'd been busy, he had had no time.

Nom, the animal show performer said he was watching the tigers play soccer;
He hadn't seen Shlam anywhere around cause he had to commence the lion being crowned,
The ballerinas were practicing, the ring master went down to town. Nobody around had seen the evil and cruel clown,
The Witch proclaimed that somebody was lying, everybody was shocked, the fearful ballerinas began crying.

The Witch observed the crystal ball, he after all had a huge crime to solve;
He at once saw who was afraid to tell the truth, he trusted his sources, he was a sleuth,
He pointed at the tall and creepy alien and said, "This is my lord, is the sinning barbarian!"
The alien was shocked and angry at the revelation, he had no part to play in the situation.

Avan exclaimed, "Don't deny the investigation! You aided the criminal with your consolation!"
"The spaceship from your civilisation has helped the criminal escape his termination!"
"You lied to us telling you spoke to him of tomorrow's show, but there is nothing planned, maybe you're a bit slow"
"You'll now tell us where exactly Shlam is or the consequences will be way terrorising than this!"

Advar seemingly devastated, laughed his wee out in celebration. "Your sources couldn't take you to him, I promise he has emigrated.";
"You couldn't reach Shlam, he's far away in the country...my UFO helped him reach distances and he could run free"
Angry at the disgusting traitor, Alanwar dismissed the latter, he then evicted the alien and told him to go back to Saturn.
Now, Shlam's coordinates could not be tracked down, Avan the Witch looked at Alanwar with a deep frown.
Alanwar patted his back, greatly thanking him, for if not for Avan, he wouldn't have found anything;
He was now alone in the tent with the mighty cruel witch and before he could leave, Alanwar grabbed him and forbade him to return to his ditch,
He pleaded him to stay back for he had fallen in love, he awaited this moment for centuries and above,
Avan, surprised at the sudden interest, questioned himin confusion if he was impressed?
Alanwar agreed, he indeed was impressed,
He now wanted to live happily with the witch who had passed the test.

-Anusha Mozumdar
© AnushaArt