My cute little puppy#🐕❤️
Oh!Puppy, you are my cutie pie,Please come to me why are you so shy?Where do you go by wearing your white coat in this snowy morning?I will share my home with you for sleeping...I will give you delicious food and Eat whatever you want to eat ,Please stay forever with me and I will give you fresh curd and meat...We both will hang out
with each other, And enjoy this beautiful weather...Wherever I go ,You will come with me .Your shiny eyes and beautiful heart always attract me. No one will be loved us even after our death, But you are one who lives with us in the place of death..In this world of betrayal, you are the most loyal..Always remain like this,You are my lovely cutie pie🐕❤️✍️
© Priyanjit💜❤️147