Vanity upon Vanity
Here will I set my rest
For I've failed the test
Hear my voice as I cry out loud
See my tears as it streams along

In despair, how can I repair?
Motionless, I lay down thinking
Nevertheless, I started writing
In distress, who will ease my stress?

Still in pain, I won't give up
What's my gain? If I don't speak up?
Reminiscing on the tales of old
Soliloquizing of their deeds on my own

Cries of anguish tears the night
After visited by children of the night
Helter skelter,the people scatter
Seeking safety, anywhere better?

Terror when it's dark
Pressure when it's dawn
Rewriting history is our forte
Reawakening our lost glory is by choice

Withholding nothing, I give it all
Vanity upon vanity, all will be rust
Supporting succor, I salute you more
Sanity in mind, now I won't be lost

© Olayinka Timothy