It's Your Birthday
It was a Tuesday morning
Time for my soul searching,
While going through the posts and stories
Just found out an info adding to my discoveries.
It was your birthday
I didn't know what to say,
Wished you as I lay
In my daydreaming getaway.
Felt as if I was guilty
Knowing the date was like a duty,
Then again we just became
new friends as our acclaim
You replied instantly
Thanking me vibrantly
Felt a connection with you
There's something that grew
You charmed me as I looked
Which kept me quite hooked,
Pics of thee which were gorgeous
Cute and sweet, yet somehow mischievous.
Got to know you are a poet
Your poetry felt like a sonnet,
Your talent and humanity blew me away
Swept me off my feet and sway.
Let happiness and peace be your scent
While I stay await with love and intent,
As I take darkness in me
Brightness is kept for thee
You stay in my hope and dreams
As you soak and shine in sun beams,
Now cut the cake adorned with cherry
on your birthday Eve in January.
© Debojyoti Bhattacharya