Time n Tide wait for none !
It's been really long since I wrote anything here , suddenly this came in my mind . this is nothing but my views . written for no one but for myself .

Time n Tide wait for none explains the value of time .what u've left behind can be once brought again but time.... u can't bring it back once it's gone. it's like flowing water,once u've touched it u can't touch the same water again i.e.the time which goes on never come again .the PPL who do their work on time become successful in their lives .the moment u've lived once u can't live the same moment ever again,so just stop thinking about ur past & regretting things instead work on ur present n improve ur future. u can't change whatever is done (ur past) but u can surely work on ur future it's still in ur hands, don't let it go .u must do the things TDY which have to be done TDY instead of leaving it on tomorrow bcoz uk tomorrow never comes.u should utilise ur time very wisely bcoz time is endless but u've limited. u should understand the importancebof time ,as she always says . u should have patience bcoz time gives the answer of all ur questions,just wait for the right time .time reveals faces of all ,we once thought were humans but really were demons under the mask of goodness .time finally teaches us how to live .one should never stop learning bcoz time never stops teaching no matter what ur age is. time teaches us so many lessons .if u're attentive in the class of God called 'life ' ,then it's beneficial for u only orelse they know another tricks of teaching u but that will show u the hell full of pain , sorrows, regret & suffering (No Way To skip). but the best part here is one never fails here if passed well n good if not then it's ok to u'll get a new lesson to learn&move on .. but the condition is never let urself get lost somewhere unknown. n yeah one more things never complaint about anything.don't forget nothing is urs here,not even ur body is permanently urs ,once it will also get dissolved in the soil (with all ur habbits, memories,deeds,secrets ,proud,etc.) u're just a guest here . don't try to get so much involved here,that won't be good for u only.

ig it's enough for TDY ,I can't write more ,End Of Writing Capacity 😂.
----- thanks for reading n spending ur precious time reading it .lol see ya soon ,till then tc.