The walls are all closing in.
I'm stuck in my thoughts,
It's so scary in here.
Have you seen how pitiful I look.
I try to lean on myself.
Alone ,all alone I'm in here,
Trying to win all my losing games.
What can be done?
Do I fight it off or let go?
I look around,
Hoping to spot someone in this cold but,
All I see is the brewing storm.
I wonder will I ever break free.
I cannot fight all this on my own.
I'm covered in fear and scars.
Alone, all alone in here.
I cannot see my freedom as,
I feel the loneliness lurking.
Am I doomed to face all this on my own.
How can I fight alone?
Feel the darkness darkening.
I'm all alone in my thoughts.

© Mine Vitan