Lost and wandering. direction unknown.
Surrounded by the sound of goodbyes.
Each step a painful reminder shown.
Of the disastrous web of lies.
My head shakes in disbelief.
As tears fall from my weary eyes.
This heartache beyond my relief.
Leaving me drained of all my tries.
Emptiness now my only home.
Love's warmth a distant memory.
Betrayed by one I called my own.
Left with nothing but treachery.
Severed now, the ties that bind.
No more connection to be found.
Free to spread your wings and find.
Your way, leaving me on the ground.
Used and played like a fiddle.
Supplied with all that I could give,
But now it's time to solve the riddle.
Of a future that I must live.
Etched in time, this painful goodbye.
A reminder of what was lost.
But I'll move on, I won't deny.
The universe will cover the cost.
So, farewell to you, conniving heart.
No more apologies to be given.
I'll find my way, make a new start.
And leave this pain behind, unbidden.

© Just_T_Baby