No gutter love
In love's folly, I seek his trace,
Even if cast in the gutter's embrace.
I rummage through the muck and mire,
For love's desire refuses to retire.

I thought I'd lost him, let him go,
But in the depths, his presence aglow.
There he stands, with a smile so wide,
Awaiting our eyes to meet, nothing to hide.

I fancied I'd set him free to the skies,
Let him soar like a bird, where freedom lies.
But oh, how foolish the heart can be,
For in love, there's no gutter, only we.

In the chambers of my heart, he's etched so deep,
In every corner, his memory I keep.
Love's not a thing to be thrown away,
It's the forever that in our hearts will stay.

© Deb