seven high sky
i feel like on seven high sky
i became a celebrity from one
person mouth to everyone
i gather my courage to
try something new
i prepare alot mentally
before taking that first step
and i did it but
i didn’t feel too elated
because i knew i’m prepared
i just had to take that first
step and i did it
just this is the feeling
like i don’t have to think
too much now i can do it
but this is also not a reason
for my feeling on seven sky
it just a little mistake that i
made in it but i simply pass it
but people around me simply
kept remembering me to point
a finger at me and laugh at me
even after so many days i forgot
but people remember it even today
i feel on seven sky high when
the things i did to make progress
people point at me
it made me feel like a
person who is slowly
but surely going forward
to keep making progress
now it made me feel there is
nothing to worry no fear
now i can go and focus on
myself the feeling of me being
strong it made me feel
on seven sky high.

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