left alone
You said we shouldn't take things faster, so I waited.
You said we should promise to wait for each other, so I waited.
We promise to each other that no matter what happens we should be the end game.
But...what's this?
You started to avoid me, stopped communicating.
At that time I tried to understand you.
but why??
Slowly glass shatters inside me, as you confronted me
that we should stop.
So we did, but why now??
why now, now that I already have fallen deep and I can never recover.
I realized how much I've fallen as every poets I've made they were all about you.
You're like the Sun, so radiant and warm,
that my heart is filled with light and my soul with love.
Your smile is like a rainbow, so perfect.
While I am Pluto, the secluded one.
© yuki_