Hold me tighter,
Don't let go.
I need you now,
More than you'll ever know.
Don't hug me,
Hug my heart.
So you'll always hold me,
Even when apart.
Lots of hugs, but
None quite like yours.
A shelter from the outside world,
And from my inside wars.
You take my breath away,
But I dare not say that.
Hug me tighter, don't you worry,
I won't fall flat.
Hug me, even
When we're miles away.
Your hug's the only thing,
That can make me okay.
Encompass me,
With your arms and squeeze.
Don't let me go,
Let me place my head
On your shoulder and cry.
For I know that my soul,
You can pacify.
My love,
Hug me once more.
You're the one I love,
The one I adore.
© #Silent_wolf