Light and Dark Lace
Afar stretched out maps of elusive dreams,
Like a quilt cast into nothing, it seems.
Beyond infinite time, far far away,
This is the way, there are no Nights nor Days,
Many sheets to bind us, so many kinds,
To seal it, fusion of all energy binds,
In dark matter, life is bound to dark mights,
Stitched matrix of forged dimensional nights.
Transparent invisible symphonies,
Interlocked vibrations weave like space bees.
Lifes hums in everything, all at once, it seems,
Light and dark travelling songs seem like dreams,
Symphonies of Whale songs, humming strong,
Matrix melodies of interwinned cords in space songs,
The Quickening star lights, there is only one,
Herds of elementary lightning gathers in every sun.
Shadows pass has ghost entities do ring,
Firing through synaptic electricity that sings.
Like arcane sand dunes, there are some shifting notes,
The earth perfectly so, splendid, with some fine blue coats.
The one dot earth blended into tales,
Infinite along maps of space that sails.
Does the map end, It seems never and not,
God shall not pass no center, nor ends dot.
In blending sands of infinite centres,
The greater, the more, wishes do enter.
All but grains of sands, in the great space wish,
Even breath is but an echo, in times swish.
Time is forged by atmospheric hammers in stormy climes,
It seems the age of rings, vanishes time.
Disappearing dust floating unaware,
Diamond dust gallexies, shinning somewhere.
Infinite universes of glass sands,
Held in the palm of your infinite hand.
Space spring sprang from leaves of stars, all memories forehold,
With kind star breeze, the leaves; the trees stretched through my times hold.
Spawned, solaris wind that came, from the depths of old space land,
From deep black space, pass energy that sings.
Senses and emotions are just space dust in the great quilt,
Rivers of the universe soon gather silt.
In the mycelium network if one was to sit,
You might just see the tree of life and some grit.
Sitting in the flowering meadow of space all is to see,
Blooming roses of stars and gallexies are within you and me.
Yet space silence is still and so far away,
From its companion the bee, searching for star pollen everyday.
And so what grew was fine, gravity bores deep and stands,
Under the stars that shine, silver stone moon aligns their hands.
In the great wild green, in the universe,
Trees stretch their arms across time in every verse.
Through the entirety of the universe, there is Spring,
It passes though every gate, in heaven and hell and softly sings.
The past, future and present are just
stormy seas in space,
Every hidden shadow cries in a grain of sand wrapped in black lace.
Though love is but a grain of sand that binds with the dark lace,
Tales foretell skyes, but roam free in dark space.
How space dust has fallen, they follow graceful seas morals,
Treading the tides to shore, life rises through corals.
But what of the fading, corals in every space showing signs,
Elementals still sings, and every leaf floats free in every design.
Will the universe hear, the last whale songs? far far away,
Across the infinite expanse, on shores of different days.
Will we hear songs from different shores, across the way,
Infinite sounds of the dead long passed, see star lights everyday.
Senses lost in space interwoven with space dust,
Along with ancient forges all but elementary rust.
All overlaying in what we call space,
All grand symphonies of light and dark lace.
Poem designed by,
© balcar