Success does not have "Limit" : Chase it without getting "Commit"
Toughest chapter to derive in Maths is "INTEGRITY"
We always like to watch a movies in high "QUALITY"
Be a kind of person, who loves to maintain a" SIMPLICITY"
Just narrating this poem, with my own "INTENSITY".

We know very well about water " NECESITY"
Like wise, try to make your thoughts based on " REALITY"
There are plenty of problems with different "VARIETY"
Always have a belief on you, to face this " SOCIETY".

Don't force yourself for others, by showing your " ABILITY"
Always calm yourselves, to be strong on your "MENTALITY"
In any suitation don't even try to leave your "DIGNITY"
As you will get chance to make them understand on " EQUALITY".

Our love and care on other's always " INFINITY "
If others understand this, definitely there will be " UNITY"
Don't judge wrong or hurt them by their " PERSONALITY"
As we are all born and belongs to our own "NATIONALITY".

In interview, they will select you through " ELIGIBILITY"
And they will make you as permanent, only by your " STABILITY"
To get higher position, prove them by your " SINCERITY"
Just work with focus, to complete your daily " ACTIVITY".

Always try to live a life with " MORALITY"
It will help you to be a person with " HUMANTITY"
I would suggest, try to follow the good things as " PRIORITY"
Were, in this world, people who won't admit this are " MAJORITY"
Then those people life won't change, even after one " ETERNITY".

My name is Praveen from Bangalore " CITY".
This poem was written while I'm drinking a cup of " FRUITY"
For reading this poem, there is no Date and time " VALDITY"
After reading, please share your feedbacks without " PARTIALITY".

Written by:
Praveen Kumar S
© All Rights Reserved