My morning breeze
In the gentle dawn's embrace, I find,
Reasons why you fill my heart and mind.
With each sunrise, my love for you grows,
In the morning light, it beautifully shows.
Your smile, a beacon in the morning glow,
A warmth that melts the coldest snow.
In your laughter, I find my joy anew,
With every chuckle, my love for you grew.
Your kindness, like the morning dew,
Refreshing, pure, and ever true.
In your embrace, I find my home,
With you, I never feel alone.
So as the sun rises, and birds sing,
Know that to you, my heart will always cling.
For in every morning, my love for you is true,
My reason to love you? Simply, because you're you.
© Thabiso Dube