Church Family
You walk through the door
And you feel right at home
You're welcomed warmly with hugs galore
You talk and you talk
And you laugh and you laugh

They support you through all
And give their wisdom
While you listen and give thanks
For the people in front of you
That you know will never change

There's a piano filing the background
Soon joined by a guitar
And it all creates a sweet song
That you can't wait to share
With those who hope for that love
That you're church family gives

For a moment you step back
And soak up the feeling
And watch as you're family smiles and talks
Sharing hopes and dreams
And you know that you are loved
Because of the sight in front of you

You then smile and shake your head
For how could anyone be undecided
On the churches intentions
When all they have to do is come over here
So you walk in and rejoin the fun
Thanking God for your church all along