I'm raising a boy
I'm raising a boy,

Of course;
I'm teaching him that family is not just about blood and DNA,
but about love, trust, and shared moments.
I'm teaching him to do housework,
I'm teaching him he doesn't have to be strong all the time,
I'm teaching him that men can be vulnerable, cry, or ask for help,
That feelings are not a weakness, but a part of being a human,
That sharing his feelings makes him more of a person, not less of a man.
I'm teaching him to respect everyone, no matter their gender,
And to know that kindness and fairness are true strengths.
I'm teaching him that the best way to love is to start by loving yourself,
For it's hard to love someone else completely if you don't love yourself.
I'm teaching him to find his own path,
To discover his own truth and make his own way in life.

© Angieb_Writes