Lost in the sky
Tensed with the worries of the world,
I often look at the sky for comfort.
The moon, the stars, the moonlight,
Relieve my soul and make it bright.
Moon is my forever companion,
Always looks at me as I am a champion.
Listens to my problems, smiles
And embraces me far from a mile.
The stars being a lot in number,
Enclosed in the sky’s beautiful chamber.
The sky feels like a home,
where I can feel a wide range of emotions
and my thoughts own a freedom.
To alter my grief with a sense of pleasure,
The moonlight takes the liability for this endeavour .
I find myself lost for a moment,
As a consequence, I start feeling more vibrant.
This is how my inner soul gets soothes and amused
At the times, when it gets bothered and confused.

© radhika