"Forged in Struggle: The Engineering Odyssey"...
In dim-lit labs where shadows creep,
Engineering students seldom sleep.
With deadlines looming, stress runs deep,
Their dreams entangled in circuits steep.

From textbooks thick with cryptic code,
To projects vast on paths untrode,
They navigate the winding road,
Where failure's sting is often showed.

Through endless nights of caffeine's sway,
They wrestle with each complex array,
Their struggles hidden, yet they stay,
Beneath the weight of GPA's sway.

But in the depths of hardship's brew,
They find a strength, a spirit true,
For every trial they push through,
Shapes them into engineers anew.

So here's to those whose journey's fraught,
With challenges many, battles fought,
In the crucible of stress, they're wrought,
Emerging resilient, lessons taught...