Story of life

The story of life,
Is a work in progress,
Success or strife,
You're allowed to digress

Embrace the journey,
With all its twists and turns cherish each moments.
as the page slowly turns.

Though challenges may arise,
And obstacles appear with persevere with open eyes,
and let your spirits steer

For the path is not set,
it's ours to create with each steps beget,
our own unique fate.

So write your own chapter,
Let your story unfold seek joy and laughter,
And let your heart be bold.

For the pen on your hand,
The canvas is your life paint with passions demand,
Transcend the mortal strife.

Each brushstrokes a memory,
Each colour a dream weave the tapestry,
Of a life supreme.

© Do not copy the work by D_14275.