"Whispers of Love in Absence"
In every moment, your thought arrives, a constant presence in my heart,
The distance between us, a puzzle unclear, tearing me apart.

The notion of parting, a fear gripping my soul so tight,
Yet, once gone, I fear I won't return, lost in the endless night.

Every second, your memory lingers, a refrain in my mind,
No matter what I do, your essence I can't leave behind.

As morning light breaks, it's your image before my eyes,
A love profound, deep within, my heart in your ties.

I express my love with intensity, a flame burning bright,
Please, don't shatter my heart, keep it whole, a plea in the night.

Let time relent, bring you back to my side,
Or forever lose you, in this sorrow, I'll abide.
© _gottaloveruhii