Best Friend for Life (Rebecca's Version)
My crown, as a veil,
Taking road trips, throwing that make-believe bouquet.
Spent 13, on the phone,
Talking midnight love.
There's nothing that we didn't know.
We told each other everything and anything.
Firsts of everything and heartbreaks too,
Remember how you gave up forever, like I do,
Like you'd never find the one for you.

When you saw her you thought you knew,
When you met her I did too.
And she's just as lovely as you,
I've seen her love through you,
The best and the worst,
Just like you deserve.
With her at your side always and forever.
I know you'll be just fine.
I swear the world looks a little sweeter tonight,
My best friend found a best friend for life.

(Shoutout to my Best Friend for Life @I_Am_Michael may you find her soon)

© AngelSoulWhispers 🎀🤍