9 wounds
There is something in my heart,
scratching me and hurting my inside art.
It attacks me every night and morning,
without a word it kills my surroundings.

Then it steps to my eyes,
preventing me see those beautiful lies.
Every time I see myself in mirror,
it gives me the horror of past swears.

Railing down to my lips,
it shakes people to be on my tips.
I don't know what is it, something moster or demon,
but it hold me to live in fear.

My hands tremble, whenever I think about it,
My feet shakes, whenever I try to go against to it.
One day I asked it who you are, he said
I am you in your old scars.

This is something that I know already,
life is something that can't be steady.
My ears always bear the pain of breaking words,
although it gives me the freedom like birds.

My hunger can make me to do anything,
robbery of hearts and killing promises is quite easy for me.
Regularly, I try not to repeat it ,
but my mind force to complete it .

One day I realize all humans are like me,
killing their love ones just for money.
I sake myself , try to understand this world
but all I understand this just for our pleasureable world.

My inner sole take me to this path,
but when I try to come back there was no such path.
Like all am also stuck in worldly baits.
This 9 wounds is killing me with sharp threads.

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