Rainy Night Serenade
It's been raining for hours,
Admired its misty view from the window,
Could hear the wind and the showers,
While you lay your head on my pillow

The raindrops fall like tears from the sky,
As they tap against the window pane,
A soothing rhythm as they go by,
A symphony of nature's refrain.

The misty view outside our abode,
A canvas painted in shades of grey,
The wind whistles, an eerie ode,
As the rain continues to sway.

You lay your head on my pillow,
As we watch the rain together,
A moment of peace, free from sorrow,
Our hearts bound by love forever.

The rain washes away our fears,
As we hold each other tight,
The sound of the showers in our ears,
A lullaby for a peaceful night.

So let the rain pour on and on,
As we cherish this moment in time,
For in each other's arms we belong,
A love that's pure and divine.
© Laks