Flowers of life.
In the flowers of life,
There are different kinds
Some big & bright
Some small, some are
Aromatic some heals
Your soul.

Your heart is a flower
Tender & bright and
Full of life.
People come and go
As they please,
But, you are the one I

You are the one
My heart wishes for.
I know, people have
Stumbled upon
You, broke your
Heart, left a scar.

On your soul
Like thunderstorms
And rains,
Errupts the flower
But they cant lose the
Beauty of a true soul.

Your heart may
be broken
And left to a point
That you thought
There is nothing more,
You are all alone,

And you
May think that
There is no way
Back but things
Change and so
People do.

All those rain and
Thunderstorms have
Enhanced your beauty
They have made you
More beautiful.

For me, you're my
Sunshine that dances
With the gentle breeze
And on the cloudy
Day it still smiles
With a grace.

You are my sunflower
To my sunshine
Standing upright
Tall and beautiful
In the flowers of life
That we live.

Grow with good
People, love them
With all that you have,
And, in their companionship
Your life will bloom
Like a garden,
With all types of flowers
Enriching it's beauty.

And adding a true
Aroma of love
That I found,
In your embrace
I found a home
Similar to yours,
Its love.

For me, you're all of
my roses, lilies and
You are the one
That blooms and add
Light to my life.

You are a single
Flower, that turns
My heart into a
Garden with all
The love you give
And with all the love
You have.

You have made my life,
A wonderful place
Where magic explores
And butterfly flies
It's all your love
That has made my
Life beautiful and
worth living.

© alpha stella