Masterpiece of Nature
His eyes, as deep and endless as the sea,
Hold mysteries like waves in symphony,
In their depths, a world of wonders unfurl,
A gaze that sweeps you into its own swirl.

His smile, a sunbeam, warm and overwhelming,
In its radiance, the heart finds soothing dwelling,
Like sunshine on a cold and wintry morn,
In his presence, all sorrows are gently borne.

His hair, a cascade of silken strands so fine,
Like flowing rivers, in moonlight they shine,
A gentle breeze through the forest of his locks,
In their soft embrace, the heart gladly docks.

His voice, a melody, pure and joyful, sings,
Like birds in spring, on hopeful, golden wings,
With every word, a symphony of grace,
In his laughter, a harmonious embrace.

His stature, though "just okay" to some may seem,
Yet in his essence, like a mountain, he gleams,
A perfect ten, in every heart's eye,
A masterpiece of nature, none can deny.
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