you can come talk to me
we can be friends we can be more
for only blind men see
through all my pretend
decipher my lure
only the hard of hearing
can see it all clearly
behind my mask of disguise
knowing they should be Leary
as to not become weary like you
I will lie all day in the truth
make a pact then call truce
after I blame it on you
it's just what I do and then I'll do it again today
if you decide you should leave
you'll see me cry but won't see
crying is merely aimed to deceive
as the depths of me seeth
how could you do this to me
some special breed that you are
but it is inevitably so
one day you'll just go
leave me to sit all alone
why can't you sit here with me
no yelling this time I'll talk quietly
as I beg you to stay
please don't leave me please
inevitable it is so you will leave
this place pack your things
walk away don't look back
I was merely saving face clearly
in letting you pack
for I know how it goes
like a prick or the stick of a tac
this isn't it I'll be back
it's just how I am it's just part of my plan
come talk to me we can be friends
we can be more

© Granado.A