In gardens blooming, a colorful array,
Flowers dance and brighten up the day.
Petals soft as whispers, vibrant and bold,
Each one a story waiting to be told.

Roses, elegant with their velvety touch,
Symbolize love, so deeply felt and much.
Sunflowers, tall and proud, face the sun,
Spreading warmth and joy, for everyone.

Daisies, simple and pure, with petals white,
Bring innocence and purity, a lovely sight.
Tulips, standing tall in a rainbow of hues,
Unfolding their beauty, like a dream come true.

Lilies, graceful and serene, in pure white,
Their fragrance enchanting, a sweet delight.
Orchids, exotic and rare, captivating all,
With intricate patterns, like a mystical call