3 am
My heartache beats for some
For those who never really knew the real me
I try so hard
To be there for the ones
Where I was once upon a time
Try so hard to fight those demons
Those horrible feelings that I know so well
Come so far these past few years
Why can't people see past my tears
The feelings I have are true
How come it seems all so new
This sick sense of self
Where will I find my place on the shelf?
Will I ever truly belong??
On this page
This life was never meant to be easy
No one will listen to my cries
So what's the use of my fight??
You say you love me..
But yet you turn your back
When I need you the most
Feeling so lost and scared
Saying these still prayers
Is anyone there?
Does anyone hear me??
Staring into the bottom of the hole
6 feet down
so loud
Trying so hard to crawl out
Why can't anyone hear me
In a room full of all my friends
Yet no one turns around
Bright lights burn my eyes
I have a lot regrets
But no one hears me
So loud
Drowning out my pain
Is at the end of this point
Find the right spot
This isn't the way I wanted to go out
Why do i feel so alone
With only these noises in my head
These demons fighting their way to the surface
One day they just might win
Because I don't feel strong enough
Those who don't understand…
Don't bother trying
You'll never know this internal fight
That boils deep inside
They say God never leaves you
Where was he when I struggled
When I was crying out
Felt scared and couldn't trust
Didn't know where to go
Who to confide with
Why me?
Why this fight?
There's nothing about this that is right
Can anybody hear me
Is there anyone there?
I don't believe anyone will miss me
Slip out into the night
Do everyone a favor
My strength is slipping
Soon it will be no more
For I will always be a dirty ass whore
No one could ever love this
What I have become
Angel at one point
Turned into a demon
Once upon a time…a felon

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