The Eclipse
The Eclipse

The days were unending as were the nights,
She waited and waited and waited,
But there seemed no hope in sight…
Could this be a joke !!,
How could water quinch a rock?.
Numbers have postponed their meetings ,others have ignored their earnings
and father seeked a lot from learning.
What they called coalition ,became a beautiful love story as the moon ran into the sun's arms .
Despite the restriction from Mother Earth,they maintained their zeal.
Instead of their love shinning, into the sky appeared shackles of darkness.
The world was blinded and love was stranded.
As times departed ,the eclipse love story for a few days and vanished into thin air,things normalised.The world resumed their daily duties and once again they purchased their joy.
This became the reality of the moon and the sun's love story ,their union suffered injustice.
Could this be joke ?
The lovers path ascended a tougher road .
At last they venerate victory ,families fed and everything back to normal.
Where is the sun ?
Where is the moon?
Their failure to cry,their failure to be selfish ,
Separated the day and the night .