Call Me Home
I was supposed to be young and dumb
Didn't know any better, or do what I was told

Against your better judgment I rebelled
Falling further away is where I excelled

You used to tell me right from wrong
And how I was on a train bound for Babylon

A one way ticket on the hghway to hell
Can't turn back now.cause I'm too far gone

Past the point of no return
I'm gonna ride this train until we crash and burn

Until the wheels fall off and sparks start to fly
Ill find myself soon lying with the demons I

Kept trapped inside all those years who broght nothing but the hurt and fear

To my wonder what do my eyes behold
What stands before me as I go

Deeper and deeper through the dusty tomes
A story of the pain and sorrow I've always known

Through the darkness there's no light
Trying so hard not to give up the fight

As the darkness starts to take hold
I cry out for your mercy, for your grace
For you to take me home

If I believe in you, as you believe in me
In all I do In all I see

You'll wipe away my tears
Wash away my fears and oh so graciously

Call me home to be with you tonight
Call me home to be with you tonight

© Brian C. Jobe